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4 Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Our Society

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence: So technology as we all know is one thing that moving faster than we can imagine. I guess we all are conversant with the saying that “man today has more power in his pocket than he had in his entire home in the 90s.”

What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence?

In today’s world we see and use Artificial intelligence (AI) in our everyday life, from siri to our electric cars.

With these developments in AI, we can now leave the complex stuff like facial recognition and algorithms to the machines. This site defines AI well.

But in recent times concerns have been drawn suggesting that these AI’s might just be taking over our lives in the nearest future. Some even going as far as saying that If proper caution is not taken, the robots might take over and enslave we humans.😂

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Today we are gonna be debunking most of those claims or rather myths, as we look at the ways in which Artificial intelligence has helped our lives rather than destroy it.

Let start by looking at the role artificial intelligence has played in labor. Today thanks to these smart machines some bone-breaking tasks can be done so easily with no or little intervention of human.

Think about a company like Amazon, yes that right, without the help of this AI’s it would take forever for Amazon complete a packaging cycle.

We hear of disasters happening all over the world which claims lots of life in the process. But thanks once more to the advancement of AI and machine learning, unsuspecting victims can now be warned ahead before a disaster hit.


That not all, AI has also showed it importance by it ability to analyze data from say disaster and the weather to provide real-time data of disasters and even predict the future ones.

I guess we have all heard the rumors surrounding AI that sooner or later we are gonna be overpowered by robots and probably turned into slaves.That just insane,

first there is no way we can let superior intelligence take control over us and also at the same time we can’t just sit and not take the advantage of what gonna be of benefit to us. (That would just be stupid)

Another benefit of AI is the fact that it is error free unlike we humans where we have to accommodate for human errors.

So with these points I guess it pretty clear that AI is of a huge advantage to us than it is a disadvantage. Think about it, almost all we use and do today has something to

do with artificial intelligence from ATM machines, traffic lights, electric cars, computers, automobile factories and most importantly our smartphones.

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