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Baby Shark Is The No. 1 Most Viewed Video On YouTube

So “Baby Shark” has now exceeded the 7.043 billion views mark making it the under-18 video with the most views on YouTube.

babyshark 300x171 - Baby Shark Is The No. 1 Most Viewed Video On YouTube

Baby Shark still onTop

For the past three years “Despacito” by Louis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee has been topping the list, but I guess Baby Shark thought it was time for them to take a break.

Baby Shark” might be the video with the highest views on YouTube but it still feels like a punishment for some adults.

The truth is, even though we might all act like we don’t really like the video as adults, we still sometimes play the songs in our head.

Now what surprises me is how “Baby Shark” went so high up the charts in just a short period of time. Last April they heard just a little over 2.5 billion views but blew up about 180% since then.


Of course “Despacito” has been the only one trying to get them off that spot as they’re currently the No.2 most viewed video on YouTube.

Here is what the top 8 on the list actually looks like:

#8. “Gangnam Style” went from 3.3B to 3.8B

#7. ” Uptown Funk” went from 4B to 4.8B

#6. “Johny Johny Yes Papa” got 4.15B

#5. “Masha and the Bear” got 4.4B

#4. “See You Again” went from 4B to 4.8B

#3. “Shape of You” got 5B

#2. “Despacito” got 7B

#1. “Baby Shark” got 7.043B

Now what worries me is the fact that of all genres and type of music, it a children’s “Baby Shark” that been watched the most. Does it mean kids do watch YouTube more than adults?🤔(That just disturbing)

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