Science Area51 458660541 - Area 51 Soon To Be Stormed By Alien Hunters

Area 51 Soon To Be Stormed By Alien Hunters

Oh yes it on, the “storm Area 51 event is starting as participants have began arriving Rachel, Nevada.

Area 51 Here we come

The event which is anticipated to last two days started as a joke on Facebook that suggested people to carry out a raid on Area 51. And as you would expect from we humans, people actually took it up seriously and now this is where we at.

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Lots of memes have been popping up on Twitter with many centered around the Naruto run. We all are familiar with the Japanese anime where Naruto Uzumaki is usually seen running with both his arms flung behind him. Well that how they plan on running into Area 51


For now the whole thing is seeming like a joke and I think it would be best it stays that way because if some people are crazy enough to actually go head to head with armed military personnels, then I think we might just be up for a grim show.🔫💣

The memes is one thing you guys have got to check out, one tweeter user wrote “Hope those socially awkward edgelords have good health insurance.”

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