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Area 51 Raid Event Facebook Page ‘Let go see them aliens’ Taken down by Facebook

So if you can recall sometime in July an event was created on Facebook with the aim of carrying out a raid on Area 51. (The highly classified and protected military facility in Las Vegas, Nevada)

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Well as of August 3, the Facebook page which has over 2 million users signed up for the event was taken down by Facebook, saying that the they violated community standards.

Well Matthew Roberts, the creator of the event didn’t take it likely as he wrote on his personal Facebook page saying “The event page might have been zucced but I’m still throwing a fuckin party” and he referred it to Mark Zuckerberg.

That not the only page that was taken down, a GoFundMe page for an ” Area 51 Festival have also been taken down. Although a website created for the event is still up and running.

According to the now-deleted Facebook page, the plan for the raid which was scheduled to take place on 20th of September reads “We will all meet up at Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we ‘Naruto run’ (move fast and tactically) we can move faster than thier bullets. Let see them aliens”(move faster than their bullets?😄I’ll love to see them try😰🔫)

As we all know, Area 51 is a very highly classified military zone some miles away from Las Vegas, Nevada.(and only someone without brains would think of attcking the site)

Due to the secrecy of Area 51 nobody actually knows what goes on in there, but rumours has it that the it a location for aircraft development and Alien conspiracies.(Even though the latter scares the shit outta me😨😱 I still wanna know what goes on in there)

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