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Apple’s iCloud is having an outage too.

So it funny cause facebook is just recoverying from it worst outage ever, Gmail and Google Drive on the other hand experienced a worldwide outage last week and now it the turn of apple.( who would be next).

download 6 909688967 - Apple’s iCloud is having an outage too.

Reports coming in claims that a couple of apple’s icloud services like iCloud Drive, Mail, Calendar, Notes, Keychain, Reminders, iWork, Photos, News and others are currently unavailable. According to the System Status page, the issues began today at 11 AM ET/8 AM PT.
The iCloud issues arrive on the heels of Facebook’s massive outage which impacted its 2.3 billion users across its properties – including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger – for over 24 hours. The social networking company chalked up the problem to a “server configuration change,” not a DDoS attack as some had been speculating.


download 12120970476 - Apple’s iCloud is having an outage too.

All the outages this week left users with no choice but to begin believing all the outages were related, But it’s simply too soon to draw any conclusions. There’s not enough being provided by the companies themselves to fully understand the nature of what’s happened at this point, nor what’s causing the issues with iCloud.

images 3126964255 - Apple’s iCloud is having an outage too.

This week must have been the worst for some users, usually apple gets such issues resolved immediately but this one is starting to take some time but we are still awaiting comments from apple on the issue.

Let us know if you experienced any of these outages and how you managed to cope with yours.(did you turn it of and on again😎😏).

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