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Apple sends out invites for March 25 ‘special event’.

So apple today sent out invites to reporters for it upcoming event that gonna be holding on march 25 at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. Reports say that the event is gonna be focusing on their video content service, mainly a film reel countdown timer that eventually reveals the phrase “It’s show time.”

download1675195748 - Apple sends out invites for March 25 ‘special event’.

For those who pay close attention you might have noticed that apple has been seeding and backing lots of TV shows and they have also emphasized so much on what they have planned.
There’s also been some discussion about a subscription business for Apple News being announced here, but given the somewhat overt marketing references to the video service, the news product might either not be quite ready or could be playing second fiddle to the video announcements. Speaking of back burner, hardware announcements feel unlikely though AirPower and a second-generation AirPods feel long overdue.

download 1 1887466872 - Apple sends out invites for March 25 ‘special event’.

That all the info we’ve gotten so far about the event, further info would be posted as soon as possible. Got any questions or suggeations? Let us know down in the comment section.

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