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Apple says it has fixed facetime bug

Recall not too long ago that we reported about a bug found in the apples facetime which allowed callers snoop on their recipient phone even without them picking the call.

Apple says it has fixed facetime bug |

Well on friday apple released a report saying that a software update will be released next week. The new update will allow owners of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers to re-enable Group FaceTime, the feature that had allowed the potential eavesdropping, Apple said.

Apple says it has fixed facetime bug |

A 14 year old boy from arizona discovered that he could listen to a friend via Group FaceTime on Jan. 19, even if the friend didn’t answer the call. His mother repeatedly tried to flag the issue to Apple, but the company was slow to respond. “We want to assure our customers that as soon as our engineering team became aware of the details necessary to reproduce the bug, they quickly disabled Group FaceTime and began work on the fix,” an Apple spokesman said in a statement Friday.

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