samsung sero tv 4 - Apple Makes Unexpected Appearance At CES Using A Special Samsung Product

Apple Makes Unexpected Appearance At CES Using A Special Samsung Product

After 28 years of being absent at CES Apple might actually be coming back this year as Jane Horvath from Apple has been scheduled to speak about privacy on Tuesday by 1 p.m. PT.

Apple Makes Unexpected Appearance At CES Using A Special Samsung Product | apple, Apple AirPlay, apple TV, ces, CES 2020, Galaxy phones, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, sero TV

Apple back into CES but through Samsung’s sero TV

Apple’s appearance was quite surprising and unexpected as it took place in the standing-room-only Samsung “First Look” event at the very famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

That was were Samsung introduced it sero TV to the world. What makes the sero TV different from other TVs is it ability to swap between portrait and landscape mode.

Samsung started off by using a Galaxy phone to brush against the sero TV to automatically pair with the TV so you could stream media contents directly from your device, it a new feature they call “Tap View.”

Then the bomb came when they went on to say that the sero TV has Apple’s AirPlay2 integrated in it to make it compatible with iPhones and iPads. As a matter of fact in one of their demos, they made use of an iPhone 11 to demonstrate.

But Samsung partnering with Apple on this one seems to be a very smart move because the sero TV is gonna be going on sale in the US in the second half of 2020.

As we all know, Apple holds more than 40% of the mobile market in the United States and most of this happens to be the younger Americans which is great because the sero TV is aimed at millennials.

However there is still a but as the Apple’s iPhone does not quite work flawlessly as does the Galaxy phones, which is quite understandable.(common, the product belongs to Samsung)

This is not too surprising as we have seen some very wierd announcements in the past CES events like in 2019 when Apple made another unexpected appearance by saying that they were integrating AirPlay into their TVs belonging to Sony and LG.

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