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Apple is holding a big event this month — here’s everything it’s expected to announce (AAPL).

So remember sometime last week Apple sent out media invites for an event scheduled to hold on the 25 of march, where rumours has it that it where it’s widely expected to unveil its long-rumored video service and a news subscription platform.

download 1 936045125 - Apple is holding a big event this month — here's everything it's expected to announce (AAPL).In its earnings report from January they said that iPhone sales had plummeted by 15% during the holiday quarter, and only about 16% of iPhones currently in use are expected to be upgraded to new models this year.

All we know for now is that the event is gonna be all about it new video streaming service, The event invite even teases this with a tagline that says, “It’s show time.”😎

Users of the service will have access to all Apple’s show and programs and Apple is said to even be in talks with some big media companies like CBO,showtime and HBO, they are said to even be in talks with Netflix and Hulu but both media giants havn’t signed the deal.

download 1089224053 - Apple is holding a big event this month — here's everything it's expected to announce (AAPL).

Their operations is said to be similar to that of Netflix and Amazon Prime’s video service. The new video platform would be integrated into iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs, the report says, and will likely include mostly partner content at launch, since Apple’s programs are still under development. Apple is aiming to launch the service in April or early May,

CNBC reported , but Variety says it could come closer to summer or fall.

Some of the people invited to the evnt include stars like Reese Witherspoon, J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer Aniston😗🙌. Special guests include Jane Krakowski and Hailee Steinfeld🎏🌻. But it’s unclear whether any of this celebrity guests will have a presence on stage, or if they’ve been invited to attend as audience members.

Apple is also reported to be in talks with some high-profile names in its effort to create original programs, they are reported to have even signed a multi-year contract with oprah and even Steven Spielberg amongst others. Apple is also planning to debut a news service that would let users subscribe to a bundle of newspapers and magazines.

download 1168328478 - Apple is holding a big event this month — here's everything it's expected to announce (AAPL).

They are also rumoured to be pulishing an update Apple Pay that tweaks the way it looks in the Wallet App. Either way one thing is for sure and it the fact that this apple’s event is gonna be a blast🎆🍺 and everyone who is anyone would be there🎼.

Let us know what you think about this event, what you’re expecting and also let us know if you’ll be attending😉.

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