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Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins The Billionaires Bandwagon

Apple CEO Tim Cook has just joined the billion doollars club as his net worth recently went over the billion dollar mark.

Apple CEO now a billionaire

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According to Bloomberg, Tim’s billionaire status is coming as a result of salary he earned , proceeds from his share sales and the number of shares he owns in tge company.

Tim’s journey took off in 2011 when he took over from former CEO and Apple’s founder Steve Jobs.

Cook has been one of Job’s top right hand man from serving as SVP of worldwide operations to helping the company strike a couple of deals which would later make them a hardware powerhouse.

During his early reign as CEO, many questioned his ability to fill Job’s void. But he has gone far and beyond to prove them all wrong as he has brought the company to a near $2 trillion worth.


Tim Cook currently owns about 847,969 shares at Apple, which when converted to cash in the current stock price is over $380 million.

In 2019 Cook enjoyed a $3 million base salary along side a $7.6 million incentives pay. When you put all these together accompanied by other salary bonuses, it makes him one of the highest-paid CEOs in the US.

Although when compared with other top tech CEOs, Cook can only be described as a rising billionaire.

The tech industry has seem to produce billionaires as can be seen in the world’s three richest individuals who are all founders in tech. From Jeff Bezos being the top dog, to Bill Gates and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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