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Apple Banned A Hong Kong Protest App And The Creator Wants To Know Why

So an app called HKMap Live which crowdsources information like police locations, illegal protests, ambulance presence and tear gas from users in Hong Kong to help other civilians navigate through the city during conflict has just been banned.

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Apple bans HKMap Live from App store

The app which has more than 13,000 users was launched on August 4, and since then it has attracted almost 40,000 subscribers on telegram.

According to Kuma, the creator of the app, it “ultimate goal is safety for everyone” he told mashable via Telegram.

HKMap Live got rejected by Apple on October 1 due to the fact that “It contains or facilitates illegal activities, specifically the app allowed users to evade law enforcement.”

Kuma said he created the app for a completely opposite reason, to help spread information and not illegal activities. He also said the app lets users avoid illegal protests and obey the law.


According to Kuma, there are more apps in the App store like his but they were all allowed. “I mean, Waze is on App store. They report traffic cams and police since, I don’t know, 10 years ago?”

Although Apple is now thinking taking off the ban on the app, Kuma said he believes the initial ban was not politically motivated.

Kuma said he first submitted the app for review on Sept. 21 and got rejected on Oct. 1, but the app is available for download on Google playstore and available for Apple users as a progressive web app. (pwa)

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