apple airpods 2016 014 - Apple announces new AirPods.

Apple announces new AirPods.

So apple yesterday announced the release of it next generation airpods. The cool pods comes with an H1 chip which serves to boost perfomance and speed, between the pods and your devices and the ability to ask for Siri hands-free with the “Hey Siri” command.

ios 11 airpods controls1961730693 - Apple announces new AirPods.

Due to its performance efficiency, the H1 chip also allows for the AirPods to offer 50 percent more talk time using the headphones. Switching between devices is 2x faster than the previous-generation AirPods, according to Apple. In a press release by Phil Schiller, he said “AirPods delivered a magical wireless experience and have become one of the most beloved products we’ve ever made. They connect easily with all of your devices, and provide crystal clear sound and intuitive, innovative control of your music and audio. The world’s best wireless headphones just got even better with the new AirPods. They are powered by the new Apple-designed H1 chip which brings an extra hour of talk time, faster connections, hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ and the convenience of a new wireless battery case


The pods comes with it own charging case for $159, while the standalone wireless charging case comes at $79. Two times faster switching and 50 percent more talk time might sound like small perks for a relatively expensive accessory, but I’ve found that one of my biggest pain points with the AirPods are the lack of voice control and the time it takes to switch devices. The introduction of “Hey Siri” alongside the new H1 chip, as well as much faster switching between devices, should noticeably elevate the user experience with these new AirPods

apple airpods 2016 014815787834 - Apple announces new AirPods.

Although the airpods ain’t out for sale now, you can place orders for it.

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