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Angela Ahrendts set to leave apple in April.

So, remember Angela ahrendts, ya the former CEO of Burbery who joined apple in 2014, reports coming in claims the executive is set to be leaving apple soon in april. Ahrendts has been one of the company’s highest paid exec, and was also the highest paid CEO in the uk when she was working for burbery.

Angela Ahrendts set  to leave apple in April. |

Ahrendts was hired at apple just when it aunched its iPhone 5C, a cheaper smartphone model that was meant to appeal to Chinese buyers. News of Ahrendts’ departure comes as Apple is again struggling in China. In a January letter to investors, Cook said a weaker Chinese economywould hurt holiday sales numbers. Apple’s most recent quarterly earnings showed a nearly $5 billion drop in revenue in China compared with the previous year.

Angela Ahrendts set  to leave apple in April. |

There were no specifications of where ahrendts would be going to work for now but said that she is leaving “for new personal and professional pursuits,” according to a release from Apple.The last five years have been the most stimulating, challenging and fulfilling of my career,” Ahrendts said in the post.

Ahrendts would be over-throwned by Deirdre O’Brien apple’s current vice president of human resources. In an interview with vogue business ahrendts spoke on her move from a fashion industry to tech, ” there are things about the fashion industry i miss, but i went to apple because i felt like it was a calling from one of the greatest companies on the planet. I felt like we could even do a little of what we did at burbery: uniting people to do incredible things,” she said.

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