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Complete Anatomy Of How The 15 Vehicle Presidential Motorcade Works

Right now it no big news that the presidential limo which is popularly known as the “Beast” is one of the, if not the safest car on earth.

motorcade 300x288 - Complete Anatomy Of How The 15 Vehicle Presidential Motorcade Works The US Presidential Motorcade

But despite being one of the safest cars on the planet, it still one of the riskiest and most dangerous vehicle to be in. This is because it also carries one of the most important person on Earth, the president of the United States.

To make sure the president is always in the safe zone, the presidential vehicle (the Beast) is always accompanied and surrounded by a fleet of heavily armoured luxury cars and limousines (by armoured luxury cars here I mean Cadillac Escalade😎).

Being inside the Beast gives you this sense of fortification just like you being in a bulletproof bunker.

Now we’re going to be looking at what each and every one of this luxury armoured vehicles in the presidential motorcade does and the role they play.

  1. Route Car (AKA Pilot Car)

The presidential motorcade always begins with this vehicle and what the Route Car does is to simply assess the route and lead the “Sweepers” cars inbound.

  1. Sweepers

If you’ve ever paid attention to the presidential mo torcade you’ll notice a number of police motorcycles after a car(the Route Car), these motorcycles are called the Sweepers.


Their job, clear the path and provide some room so the motorcade can maintain a steady and consistent speed.

  1. Lead Car

The lead car is usually another heavily armoured luxury suburban, maybe a Ford Taurus or most preferably a BMW.

After the Lead, then comes two identical presidential armoured limousines which is usually the “Beast“.

I know you might be wondering, why two Beasts? Well one of these limos actually carries the president while the other acts as a decoy car to confuse them enemies.

After the two Beasts then comes another two Cadillacs after which you’ll have about half a dozen secret service armoured SUVs, usually Chevrolets with “convoyic” flashing lights.

motorcade two 660 300x169 - Complete Anatomy Of How The 15 Vehicle Presidential Motorcade Works

Presidential Motorcade

Now these half a dozen SUVs that trails behind the Beast all have a function they perform.

Amongst them you’ll find the electronic countermeasures vehicle, code named “Watchtower“, the intelligence division vehicle, code named ID Car” and the presidential security SUVs code named “Halfback“.

Now behind these SUVs is an all-black Hazmat truck which carries communication equipments like satellites, sensors, and responders.

This is also the vehicle responsible for detecting any nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons nearby that could obstruct the convoy

Behind the Blacked-out Hazmat truck is another vehicle code named “Roadrunner” which is usually the Mobile Command and Control vehicle. Their role? Simply serves as the communication hub of the motorcade.

The “Roadrunner” is followed by an ambulance which is simply the medical center of the motorcade.

After the ambulance you’ll then have number of local police motorcycles or cars to warn and defend the rear in case of an emergency. Then finally behind that you have the press vehicles and other peripheral vehicles.

With all these said and done you’ll come to realize why it called one of, if not the safest vehicle on earth. It is close to impossible to successfully carry out an attack on this motorcade.

Feel free to let us know which part of this motorcade you find to be the most important or has the most critical job.

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