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Amazon Is Entering The Smart Glasses Business With It Echo Frames

So Amazon has finally joined the smart glasses band wagon with it brand new Echo Frames which they announced at their alexa event that held on Wednesday.

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Echo Frames: The future of smart glasses

The Echo Frames which was reffered to as one of Amazon’s “Day One Edition” is an experimental program that Amazon does for products that are yet to be released.

The Echo frames looks like your normal average glasses but is discreetly connected to Alexa which sends responses to your queries directly into your ear.

Other things which you could do with the Echo frames include setting reminders and using smart home gear while on the go.

The Echo Frames isn’t Amazon’s first attempt towards smart glasses, at CES 2018 Amazon launched the Vuzix

Blade AR smart glasses which had Alexa integrated in it. However the Vuzix Blade was aimed at a business audience.

Google also attempted to make a consumer smart glasses back in 2013 but pivoted to business use.

The Echo Frames is gonna be having a lot of competition as more and more companies are coming into the smart glasses business. According to reports, some code found in the newly released Apple iOS 13 mobile indicates that the software supports AR glasses and headset.

Also Bose last year released it own smart glasses which had audio components integrated in it with speakers built into the arms.

But however if the Echo Frames happens to be a success then Amazon might just be the first company to bring this tech to market for consumers.

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