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Amazon is buying home mesh router startup Eero.

So Amazon announced yesterday that it gonna be buying the popular home mesh startup Eero,(for those who dont know) Eero is a startup company that makes setting up a wi-fi in your home a “walk in the park” . According to a press release by amazon, they said it was a move to “helps customers better connect to smart home devices,”.

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Eero became one of the first companies to sell simple mesh routers in 2016, with identical routers hubs and beacons that could blanket Wi-Fi throughout a home, but they were not gonna go off easily. Later on that same year(2016) Google launched it own Google wifi which did exactly what the Eero router did, it was easy to set up no tech knowledge was needed for it installation. Eero joining the Amazon

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squad would give them an upper hand or a boost against their arch rival “Google wifi“.
But one way for Amazon to ensure Eero’s mesh Wi-Fi tech reaches the masses would be to integrate the idea into popular Amazon Echo speakers around a house.
Now i guess this aquisition has just drawn the battle line between the “trail blazing Google wifi” and the “thunder blasting Eero“. Now let just wait and see where it goes from here.

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