3500 1923484153 - Amazon boss, Jeff bezos Accuses National Enquirer owner of 'extortion and blackmail'.

Amazon boss, Jeff bezos Accuses National Enquirer owner of ‘extortion and blackmail’.

So, Amazon’s boss and also world richest man Jeff Bezos has accused the publisher of the
National Enquirer of “extortion and blackmail” in an extraordinary blogpost alleging that he was threatened with the publication of revealing personal photos of himself unless he publicly affirmed that the paper’s reporting was not motivated by political concern.

Well we all know that the Amazon CEO and also the owner of the washington post became the tabloid fodder in january after he announced a divorce with his wife MacKenzie, this happened Shortly after, the National Enquirer published “intimate text messages” revealing Bezos’s relationship with Lauren Sánchez, a former TV anchor.

Bezos said he was told by an “AMI leader” that David Pecker the chief executive of American Media Inc (AMI), which publishes the Enquirer, was “apoplectic” about the investigation.

Bexos said his ownership of washington post has made him enemies with lots of people including donald trump.

3500 1923484153 - Amazon boss, Jeff bezos Accuses National Enquirer owner of 'extortion and blackmail'.

In December, prosecutors in the southern district of New York gave AMI immunity for its cooperation in the investigation into Trump’s presidential campaign and alleged hush payments to a Playboy model. AMI admitted the company had coordinated with Trump’s presidential campaign to “catch and kill” – buy up but not publish – the story of Karen McDougal, the model who claimed she had an affair with Trump. AMI admitted it had worked “in concert” with the campaign to pay McDougal a whooping
$150,000 for her story and then suppress it. Bezos noted in the blogpost that AMI had entered into the immunity deal.


According to bezos AMI’s chief content officer, Dylan Howard, emailed threats to Bezos’s lawyer, Martin Singer. Jeff published the email in full with redactions of personal information, went on to say that the Enquirer had obtained a “below the belt selfie – otherwise colloquially known as a ‘d*ck pick’” as well as nine other images. Those included a selfie, a shirtless photo of him holding his phone “while wearing his wedding ring”, a “full-length body selfie” of him in his underwear, and photos and messages from Sánchez.

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