9ld0ehi6bt201 - All Dell computer owners, you're advised to fix this glitch right now

All Dell computer owners, you’re advised to fix this glitch right now

If you own a Dell computer then this goes out to you, the SupportAssist, which comes preinstalled on most new Dell computers has been reported to be vulnerable to a hack since last October.

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According to 17-year old researcher Bill Demirkapi, the app,Dell SupportAssist, has admin access and can automatically download and install updates to the user’s computer.

The Teen researcher said that he had found a way to take advantage of those updates, which hackers could use to plant some malicious Trojan, or install something they could use to get a complete control over your computer.

But you don’t have to worry too much as this can only be done if both you and the hacker were on the same local network like say a Public Wi-Fi.


To be on the safer side, Demirkapi has advised users to uninstall the app or update to the v3.3.0.90 or later, Dell even provided a support page with the installer so you could do the installation one time. Click here to go to the Dell’s support page to find the installer.

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