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5 Ways To Survive A Plane Crash

So according the US National Transportation Safety Board, the chances of surviving a plane accident is 95.7%.😮

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Plane Crash: surviving the odds

On the Christmas eve of 1971, a commercial jet flying over Peru got hit by lightening which caused the jet to crash. But of all the 92 people on board only 17-year-old Juliane Koepcke survived.

When she was found 10 days later, she was still strapped to her seat. It was later discovered that her father taught her some survival skills prior to the flight.

Although not all of us are trained survivalist, but we could still increase our chances of surviving by practicing some certain things which we are going to be seeing very soon. (BTW they already say we have a 95% chance of surviving😏)

1. Endeavor to put your carry-on bag under the seat

Letting go off some little legroom is actually a small price to pay for that extra protection you’ll be getting. During plane crash, broken legs and bones are usually a common incident and a broken leg equals being unable to evacuate the scene, which also equals more trouble.

To avoid these leg incidents such as stucked leg and broken legs or bones, it is highly recommended that we always put our carry-on under the seat in front of us to close that space or get rid of that legroom making it difficult for our legs to get stuck.

2. Appropriate Dressing

I know you might be wondering, like what has your dressing got to

do with you surviving a plane crash? Well according to crash experts, wearing tight-fitting clothes actually increases your odds of survival.🤔

Wearing tight-clothes actually makes it difficult for your dress to cling to sharp edges which might slow your escape flow. Also, putting on long-sleeve shirts and snug jeans could protect your skin from fire and sharp objects.

But if you’re willing to double down on fire safety then it is also recommended you wear clothes made out of cotton or natural materials as these clothings don’t burn very easily.

3. Bracing for impact

After a lot of crash-tests carried out by the FAA to determine the best posture during a crash, it was found that the best way to brace for impact is to lean forward with your head close to the seat in front of you.


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This way you protect your self from flailing and secondary head injuries. Think of how it gonna feel if your head banged the seat in front of you multiple times, we are talking some serious concussion.

It is also advised you hold your head tightly against the object it might hit and try to bend your limbs inward just to make sure they don’t wiggle around.

4. Always choose the middle seat at the back

Although the FAA has made it officially clear that there is no seat safer than another on a plane, but judging from the stats, you might disagree with that.

In 2015 researchers studied pane crashes from the previous years and found out that the third seats situated at the back of the plane had a 32% fatality rate compared to the 39% of those in the middle and 38% of those in the front. (Although that ain’t much of a difference but it still worth a try)

And also compared to the middle seat which increases your chances of survival, the aisle seat has the worst chance of surviving.😱

5. Always pay attention to the safety presentation

If you’re a frequent flyer then i can bet my money that you don’t always pay attention to the preflight briefing. (Also guilty though🤗)

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In a survey carried out by the US National Transportation Safety Board, it was discovered that almost 500 passengers that were part of an evacuation between 1997 and 1999, more than half of them didn’t pay attention to the presentation. The other half said they only listened to 50% of the presentation.😅

So with all this said, next time you’re on a plane don’t think of a thousand ways you could die, instead think of the things you could do to Increase your chances of living to fly another day if the plane crashes.

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