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5 Ridiculously Expensive Things Ariana grande owns

She might wear drugstore eyeliner and stay in Airbnb hotels but that doesn’t mean that Ariana grande doesn’t know how to spend money. Since she broke into the music industry, only a matter of years ago, the music singer hasn’t held back on showing us how she spends her hard-earned dollars. Today we are gonna be looking at some of the very expensive things Ariana grande owns.

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Ariana grande

1. House in Beverly Hills.

This house is where she spends most of her time and we can clearly see why because if we own this luxurious property, we would definitely wanna hang out here a lot. The house which is 6,226 square feet has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The gated property is situated on the steep hillside and has stunning views of Hollywood’s hills. There’s also an outdoor pool and joining hot tub that overlooks downtown La.

2. House in Manhattan New York.

Ariana grande bought this property with her Ex-Boyfriend Pete Davidson for $21.7 million and the apartment is very massive. The apartment which is about 4,000 square feet has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

The apartment block features one of the only private Imax theatres in the world with only just 12 seats. When Ariana feels stressed and wants a workout, the apartment has a 75-foot indoor pool that is lit by a massive skyline light for an outdoor feel. The fitness section of the apartment also features a private spa, steam room, plunge pool, and sauna.

3. Super Expensive Closet.

Now if you take a look inside Ariana grande’s closet you’ll find a whole lot of designer clothes because it no secret that the singer loves her stylish outfit and is regularly spotted wearing head-to-toe Gucci and Fendi.

Also after her breakup with Pete, Ariana went breakup shopping (yes there’s something like that) and unlike most of us, she went straight to Chanel and was seen leaving the store with two massive bags of Chanel Merchandise that were half the size of Ariana. We could clearly tell she was also a fan of accessories from the necklace we saw her wear at the Billboard Music award in 2018. The music star was seen wearing a diamond choker and earrings by Paris based jewelry house.


Known as the “Cleveland Chocker”, the pricey necklace features 45.54 carats of Diamond setting 100.20 grams of 18-karat White Gold and has a price tag of $169,000 and it accidentally fell off during her performance.

4. Tattoos.

I know it a weird inclusion to the list but it worth mentioning. As of July 2019, Ariana grande has around 43 tattoos each with its own meaning. In 2021 she permanently marked herself for the first time with a tiny heart tattoo on her toe to commemorate the making of her debut album “Yours Truly.” Most of her tattoos have been done by famous Instagram Kane Navasard who requires a $100 deposit just to book the appointment. Now if you add up the cost of all those tattoos you are looking at thousands of dollars.

5. Pets.

We were saving the best for last that why it now we are bringing up piggy smalls, Ariana’s cute little pig. Despite being a pig, piggy smalls is starting to become a top influencer and knows exactly how to pose for the camera. If you stumble upon her Instagram account you’ll admire her chubby little belly and her very wet nose. Although it might not be technically legal to own a pet of this kind in New York city someone Ariana is bending the rules to keep her cute pet piggy close at all times.

And that is for the 5 ridiculously expensive things Ariana grande owns. Would you spend your money in a similar fashion if you had Ariana’s income? Let us know down in the comment section below and until then, see ya.

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