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5 Best Hosting Service Providers 2019

All website available on the internet today are all powered by something called a “hosting service” if they were not powered by a hosting service you won’t be able to access them. But what is this hosting service you might be wondering? Well, a Host or hosting providers are the ones who are responsible for keeping your site or blog online all the time.

So let break it down in a way everyone would understand. For me here in Hawaii, to be able to access your site, it has to be hosted or it has to be on something called a server.

When someone types the name of your website or blog on their web browser, it sends a request to multiple servers around the world to look for which one is hosting that domain name. Once it finds your site on whichever host service you are using, it loads the content of your site. So that why every website has to be hosted by one hosting provider.

To cut the long story short, if you are looking for the top hosting services available on the WordPress directory. Today we are gonna be looking at the top 5 best hosting providers money can buy.

1. Bluehost ($2.75/month)

These guys are the number one when it comes to hosting, they are the overall best and most recommended hosting providers.

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With BlueHost you don’t have to worry about your WordPress setup, they do that for you automatically, there is also the integration of Mojo and even a one-click WordPress install. It does not end there, you also get one free domain, an SSL certificate.

2. SiteGround ($3.95/month)

SiteGround is best known for its excellent customer service. These guys have been in operation since 2014 and just last year (2018) they celebrated a 98% client satisfaction rate. (98%, that just almost too good) As a matter of fact, siteground responded to phone calls in a matter of seconds and was

available for live chat.

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SiteGround runs their hostings on Linux, which means its gonna be very difficult for them to ever experience a lag time in their system. Their services include a free SSL certificate, daily backup of your site, free site migration and of course let not forget their great customer service.

3. HostGator ($2.99/month)

These guys don’t need much introduction because their stats say it all, 99.988% uptime and a 432ms load time, which means your site technically can never be down. HostGator offers you great deals at a very low and affordable price.

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At that price, you also get unlimited bandwidth, subdomains, and FTP. They also make building a website very easy for you with their drag-and-drop builder and unlimited disk space.

4. GoDaddy ($1.00/month)

Godaddy is a very popular web hosting service available online right now, and they also happen to be the ones to have registered the highest number of domains. If you register your domain with GoDaddy, you get a one-year free Microsoft Office 365 Business email.

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Also if you ever feel like you wanna increase your hosting capacity, they offer you an option to do that. Their only downside is that their uptime is not that good, but I think they did compensate for that with their 517ms load time and also you get to enjoy a free trial of their website builder.

5. Hostinger ($0.99/month)

Hostinger is the cheapest hosting provider available at a low $0.99 per month. Hostinger has centers and servers distributed around the world. At that price, you get to enjoy an uptime of 99.91% which is very impressive.

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That not all, these guys also offers you a free SSL certificate and a 24/7 customer support. If you have enough money then you can opt-in for the business plan which has 4X the processing power, dedicated customer support, and one free domain. 


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