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4 Factors Used To Measure Military Power

The military power is one of, if not the major factor used to categorize a countries strength and ranking on the list. When we say military power, we’re not just talking about the number of military personnel.

Military Power

By military power we mean their tech, arsenal, armoury and others which we are going to be looking at pretty soon.

So without any long boring talk, let get down to business. Here are the four factors which should be used to rank a countries military power.

1. Aircraft Carriers

Yes, coming at number 1 on our list is aircraft carriers. These are literally just a floating military base, you’ve got mini-machine guns, semi-automatics, Jets and lots more tech on it. The more aircraft carriers a country owns, the more powerful they are because an aircraft carrier is capable of causing damages you never even thought possible.

2. Submarines

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I don’t think I have to place much emphasis on this one for you to know it importance. Submarines are simply the eyes in the sea of any country.

Aside the fact that they come packed with a lot of rocket power, they also sometimes carry some nuclear missiles capable of some massive destruction. If you’ve seen the Fast and Furious you would kinda get a glimpse of what a Sub is capable of.


3. Fighter Jets

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Every country needs air power, surveillance and support to thrive. Without air power a country would just be same as a sitting-blind-duck. From a country’s Air Force one to their most advanced bomber and fighter jets, they are used to rain down hell on enemies.

4. Nuclear Weapons

This should be amongst the first on this list but for some reasons it has to be last. Now it should be known that any country with nuclear weapons should be feared.

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Nuclear weapons are capable of causing the most destruction from the massive explosion to the heat-wave that follows to the ear bursting sound and not to talk of the radiation.

Now this is just an opinion, you could have a different perception on the subject matter and that absolutely fine. Let us know what those suggestions are down in the comments section.

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