Jeff Bezos - 10 Mind-blowing Facts That Show How Rich Jeff Bezos Is
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10 Mind-blowing Facts That Show How Rich Jeff Bezos Is

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is the second richest man on the planet after being No.1 for three consecutive years with an estimated net worth of over $184 billion.

It is worth knowing that even after his divorce from Makenzie Bezos in 2019, he still managed to retain the No.1 spot as the wealthiest man on the planet.

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Jeff Bezos Still The CEO Of Amazon

To further break things down here, Makenzie held a 4% stake in Amazon during the divorce which amounted to roughly $36 billion, which also made her the fifth richest woman in the world.

Most of Jeff Bezos money comes from his shares at Amazon plus his $81,840 annual salary.

Today we are gonna be looking at some of the very mind-blowing facts that goes to show just how wealthy Jeff Bezos really is.

1. Jeff Bezos net worth is more than the entire GDP of Ukraine.

Yes that right, Ukraine’s gross domestic product is just around $130 billion according to stats from the World Bank.

2. In 2019 Jeff Bezos lost a lot more money than other billionaires in the world but still managed to remain the richest fellow of them all.

In 2019 the Amazon boss lost well over $10 billion but still remained on top of the list.

3. The Average American with a bachelor’s degree is said to earn around $2.2 million throughout his lifetime. Well Jeff Bezos makes that same money in just under 15 minutes.

Judging from the stats by the SSA, an average American is gonna earn $1.3 million throughout her lifetime.

4. At $184 billion, Jeff Bezos net worth is equivalent to 28% of the top 100 US colleges endowments.

Now let do some math here. The three top richest colleges in the US based on amount of endowments are Yale University, with $29.4 billion, University of Texas System, with $30.9 billion, and of course Harvard University, with $38.3 billion.

Now Jeff Bezos is worth more than these three colleges combined with even about $78 billion to spare.

5. An average American spending just $1 is equivalent to Jeff Bezos spending $1.8 million.

Now this one got me going bananas, I mean the average American household net worth is about $98,400. Now dividing $184 billion by $98,400 equals $1.8 million.


6. Jeff Bezos net worth is way more than the GDP of Zimbabwe, Iceland and Luxembourg all combined.

Now Zimbabwe’s GDP is around $32 billion, Iceland’s GDP is at $26 billion, and Luxembourg is at $71 billion. All combined they yield $129 billion which gives Bezos an extra $55 billion to spare after buying those countries.

Well surprise surprise, the CEO of space company Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos) who by-the-way has a bachelor’s degree from the Princeton University makes $149,353 every 60seconds.

7. Jeff Bezos is about 49% Richer than the British monarchy.

Yes that right, Queen Elizabeth and the entire British Royal family were said to be worth around $88 billion in 2017 according to forbes data.

8. After their divorce, Jeff Bezos had to give up 25% of his Amazon shares owned by the both of them, but yet still remained the richest man at that time.

As we all know, Mackenzie is now the fifth richest woman in the world with an estimated worth of $43 billion and was also one of the first employees of Amazon. (All thanks to Bezos money)

9. Despite earning just $81,840 which is below what majority of US representatives make as an annual salary, Jeff Bezos is still worth $184 billion.

Now you might not understand that so much but when you break the whole thing down to how much he earns an hour, minute or second, then you’ll truly comprehend the magnitude of wealth we’re talking about.

10. Jeff Bezos makes $2,600 every second which is more than double what the average American takes home in a week.

If you further break this down you’ll notice that he makes about $160,000 per minute which is almost three times what the median US worker makes in a year.(Now that some next level wealth right there)

Now judging from those facts above you can quite tell that there are levels to this wealth of a thing. I mean there are the normal kinda wealthy people and there are the Jeff Bezos rich type of people.

So what type do you belong to? The 1% which are the Jeff Bezos kinda rich or the rest of the world? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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